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Angelic intervention on the road

A friend gave me a copy of The Angels, issue 4. I read with interest the reports of angelic activity in the lives of some of your readers. You may be interested in knowing of three wonderful incidents that happened to my sister, Patricia who died in 2004.

She was always a little apprehensive when driving her car, and constantly invoked the protection of her Guardian Angel. He certainly took great care of her. On one occasion when driving up a steep hill she heard his voice say to her “slow right down”, doing so she then reached the top of the hill, and just a few yards ahead a cyclist had fallen off his bike and lay in the road. By driving slowly she avoided running over him.

On another occasion she was turning right and his voice again said “Stop”. Just then another car going at great speed overtook her on her right. Had she not stopped the other car would have ploughed into her, with possible great injury or death for one or both of them.

While driving on a cold wintery day her car slid on black-ice, and was heading out of control toward a brick wall, when suddenly the steering wheel, apparently guided by her angel, spun, righted the car, and she was able to continue her journey safely. I remember reading in a national Sunday newspaper of a coach full of pilgrims on the motorway returning from Fatima. With alarm one of the pilgrims saw that the driver was unconscious, when they all heard a voice say to them “Be not afraid. This is your Brother, Michael, the Archangel. God has sent me to see you safely along.”

The coach was driven perfectly; giving signals, overtaking, slowing and speeding up, all while the driver was unconscious until it reached its destination. My own dear angel once saved me from a serious accident. I was driving in a thick fog, when someone blew a whistle and immediately I drove in the direction of the whistle and at that moment a bus coming in the opposite direction loomed out of the fog. I had been driving on the wrong side due to the fog. Had I continued the bus would have smashed head-on into me.

Liverpool, England