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Message from the Editor

It is a pleasure to welcome you to “The Angels – Messengers from a Loving God”.

People may question the existence of Angels. But it can be argued that being blind does not exclude the reality of colour in the world. Similarly, being deaf doesn’t mean that sounds do not exist. If someone doesn’t believe in Angels it doesn’t lead to the conclusion that they do not exist. The angels exist regardless of whether someone believes in them or not.

They are the real messengers from a loving God. Saint Sister Faustina wrote in her Diary  “O God in your unfathomable mercy you have created angelic spirits and admitted them to your love and to your divine intimacy. You have made them capable of eternal love. Although you bestowed on them so generously, O Lord, the splendor of love and beauty, Your fullness was not diminished in the least, O God, nor have their love and beauty completed You, because You are everything in Yourself. And if you have allowed them to participate in your happiness and to exist and to love you, that is only due to the abyss of your mercy..”( Diary 1741).

Let’s put into practice the advice of Pope Saint Leon the Great who said: “Make friends with the holy angels and we shall find in them most loving companions, our champions against the malice and rage of the devils, our advocates at the judgment seat of God, and companions in glory throughout the endless eternity.”

I kindly ask you to let others know about our magazine and distribute it all over the world. We look forward to any questions and feedback. I would be interested to hear by letter or email any testimonies on how the angels have helped you in your life. Please contact the office or your local coordinator whose details can be found on this website.

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