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How do I get out of this maze?

A number of years ago I was a missionary in Bolivia and had to undertake some preaching for the missions in the States. I travelled by train from Boston to Grand Central station in New York and was on my way to the Mary Knoll Fathers to visit a sick priest somewhere along the Hudson River. When I arrived in Grand Central station I was completely disorientated and lost.

I started to ask people directions but when no one would stop and talk to me, I started to panic. “How do I manage to get out of this maze?” I thought. Then I decided to pray and I asked God very directly to send an angel to help me. I might add that even as a priest I never called on the angels that much and sometimes said the prayer to St Michael, but desperation kicked in. I prayed with determination and faith and just surrendered all my feelings of panic and fear. I then turned round and there was this rather tall mature looking young man and I asked him if he could help me find the way to my destination.

He suddenly said he was going to the exact same place and I should follow him. I duly obeyed and he took me up various stairs until eventually we arrived into the main concourse of Grand Central, which was the size of a football pitch and crowded with people running in all directions. ‘The man’ then directed me to the kiosk to purchase my train ticket and even told me that if I went to a certain one it would be a dollar cheaper, he said he would wait for me. I duly obeyed!

We then walked very quickly to another escalator and went down various tunnels and other escalators until we came to a train, he told me this was the first of two we needed to get. The train was quite full so we ended up sitting apart. I did not have a chance to have a conversation. It was as if I was in a dream. I could not get over what had happened. He next directed me to get off and it was not long until I boarded another train. ‘The man’ again sat apart from me and read a newspaper, eventually my stop was announced. I got up (he did not) and I waved goodbye. I was convinced he was an angel, I had this overpowering feeling it was so real and I am convinced to this day.

It makes me feel I should have more faith and ask the angels help more often and ‘duly obey’!

God Bless,
Father Michael McCormick
St Leo’s Parish
Lickers Lane, Whiston,
Merseyside L35 3PN England