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On a familiar road

Sometime ago an issue of your magazine on the Angels came my way. It brought to mind an experience I had back in the 80s. You might find the details worth printing.

I was driving one morning on a familiar road. A long stretch of it has a series of dips followed quickly by ascents to the usual ground level. On this morning, as I approached a dip, I saw in the distance about four cars, close-up one behind another, coming on the other side of the road. Nothing noteworthy about that. But as I began my descent – I was travelling at sixty mph – it came into my mind, ‘One of those cars is going to overtake.’ Just that. It was an extraordinary notion. I was not told to slow down; no order; just the ‘information’. I braked and slowed. And, as I (slowly) began the ascent, a car came over the brow – doing perhaps seventy mph – on my side of the road.

The notion of someone overtaking under the circumstances was utterly groundless. Only a lunatic would overtake as the driver did, and people who are not silly do not expect to meet lunatics on the road or slow down as I did. But that driver was not normal, and my silliness saved two lives – or more.

If my Guardian Angel had not tipped me off, I should not be writing this letter.

God bless you and your work,
Yours  sincerely.
Father M. Phillip Scott OCSO,
Bethlehem Abbey, Co Antrim,
Northern Ireland