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The Angels Magazine

The Angel magazine is a piece of my heart. In our magazine we try to spread the devotion to St Michael the Archangel, people love St Michael and the angels, but so little is known about them. Unfortunately because of the New Age some people make many mistakes, we want to give people true spiritual knowledge on the angels and teach how they can help in our daily lives and to be in touch and communicate with them. This is the main reason for publishing The Angel magazine. People find the magazine very helpful, it has a lot in common with The Divine Mercy and that is why we have the subtitle, messengers from a loving God. Angels come from the loving God and they lead us to God.

These days we should pray to St Michael the Archangel because he is a great patron and recite the simple exorcism prayer by Pope Leo XIII, which has Divine roots and St Padre Pio is a good example he said this prayer for protection and in times of difficulty. There is a renewal to this prayer and St Michael the Archangel, we have the scapular to St Michael the Archangel, the Act of Consecration to St Michael, the Knighthood of St Michael.

Even St Faustina who was so blessed by her vocation, was given St Michael as her ‘special patron’. On September 29th the Feast of the Archangels, St Michael appeared to her “The Lord has ordered me to take special care of you” he said shining with a radiance and strength that almost took her breath away. “Know you are hated by evil; but do not fear – ‘Who is like God!’”. St Faustina wrote in her diary “I feel his presence and assistance”. These words are good to keep in mind and this is the way to follow the saints by having a devotion to the angels.

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