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Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangel (Michaelite Sisters)

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The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangels was established in Miejsce Piastowe near Krosno at the end of XIX. Growing social, economic, and political unrest created a need for the new community to look after abandoned and neglected youth. In the history of the Michaelite Sisters a prominent role was played by Servant of God, Sister Anna Kaworek (1872-1936) who after the death of Blessed Bronislaw Markiewicz took charge in organizing lives of the Sisters and their pupils. Sister Anna was chosen as the Mother Superior of the new Congregation. For 38 years she led her new community. Thanks to her dedication, commitment, and heroic hope the Sisters build their religious house and welcomed recognition by the Holy See in 1928. Her beatification process is currently underway in Rome.

At the present time the Sisters are working in 29 places in Poland, in the dioceses of: Czestochowa, Cracow, Przemysl, Radom, Rzeszow, Tarnow, Torun, Warsaw and Warsaw-Bemowo. They run educational facilities, after school youth programs, daycares, school, and a house for mothers with children. The Sisters teach religion in the schools and work in parishes as organists and sacristans.

In 2012 there were 212 Sisters , 5 Novices, 2 Postulants, and 2 Candidates. With the exception of few – very ill and aged – all sisters are involved in apostolic ministry, educational and charitable efforts and domestic work.

The Congregation also has another 8 religious houses abroad. The Sisters of the Congregation work in 6 European countries and some sisters work as missionaries in Cameroon.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel
ul. Ks. Markiewicza 22
38-430 Miejsce Piastowe
email: siostry@michalitki.pl
web: www.michalitki.pl

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